1 feb. 2012


Born in the Venezuelan Andes, Neliana moved to London in 2006, completing a first class BA (Hons) in Fashion Design Technology for womenswear  at London College of Fashion before gathering experience in the design departments of Stella McCartney / Addidas and Pringle of Scotland. In 2009 she was awarded the Honorable Mention prize at the Japan Fashion Week Grand Prix and selected by Vogue UK as part of the best graduates of the year.
Her debut collection weaves together techniques and materials from her birth place in the Andes, with a bold contemporary fashion aesthetic. 'I rescue traditional techniques, use alternative materials, applying them to shapes and structures which exemplify a strong feminine silhouette’
'Neliana’s designs are an intimate and innovative take on sustainable fashion. Her knowledge and use of materials is extraordinary’ Abigail Smith, Senior Designer at Chloe
Her current collection ‘raison d’etre’ is inspired by the simplest things in nature, extracting them from their natural context, capturing a mood which is translated to the wearer. It is about an ‘us’ where we are human in nature.
The collection is constructed by juxtaposing different types of materials and colour, blending them to create something which is functional and resonant with the mood of the wearer.
‘Nostalgia is a feeling I wanted to capture in my work. A sense of nostalgia for things that are simple but thoughtful, pure yet intriguing’