26 oct. 2013


The Parisian fashion brand has teamed up with upmarket Amsterdam-based lifestyle magazine Fantastic Man for a new series of short dance films.

Titled "Rotation," the series is composed of five films featuring dancers popping some extraordinary choreography while wearing the latest Fall-Winter 2013 collection from Dior Homme. 

Directed by Fantastic Man's art director Jop van Bennekom, the models are dressed in Dior Homme designer Kris Van Assche's sporty and minimalist suiting.

Choreographed by Ryan Chappell, who has worked with Janet Jackson, Kylie Minogue and Hot Chip among others, the films show off the talents of dancers Rhys Harding, Sep Dashti, Dylan Mayoral, John Jo Ink Pen, and Jai Hickling.

Check out the films:

- Rotation '100% everyday'

- Rotation 'All of us will learn'

-Rotation 'Work hard, change history'

-Rotation 'Always everything'

- Rotation 'Whatever it takes'